The Fall of Gondolin

unofficial supplement for the GW's LOTR BSG

Download the Supplement

**A newer version of the supplement is currently under development! It promises to have greater depth, new models, terrain guides, fewer typos and plenty more photos! Keep your eyes on this site around summer time!!** 

From this page you can download the current version of Fall of Gondolin supplement for free!

Included within the 64 pages;

- New house rules such as 'city fight' rules
- Stats for mighty heroes of the first age, including Tuor and Turgon
- 12 scenario linked campaign depicting the Fall of Gondolin
- An appendix covering events such as the Battle of Unnumbered Tears
- Ideas for miniature conversions and terrain building
- and much much more!


The supplement can be downloaded here (to download the file please right click the link and click 'save link/target as'):

 The supplement requires at least Adobe Reader 6 to view- click here to download the latest version for most suitable for your computer.